The R Roundup: NFT Transactions Float To All-Time Lows — Issue #96

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3 min readJul 9, 2023


All the current conversations in the industry are around NFTs and their utility. PFP NFTs have come under immense pressure following the Azuki Elementals launch and the data supports it.

It was reported that NFT transactions have printed all-time lows with major collections continuing to decline.

Bluechip NFTs were always due to be tested in the bear market & even the likes of BAYC & Azuki are continuously declining.

The future for NFTs is unclear however the short-term looks to be tough for NFT holders.

USDC Circulating Supply Dump👇

Over the 4th of July weekend, USDC faced some independent issues of its own.

The new year hasn’t been friendly to USDC circulating supply with an over 38% drop since the 1st of January.

It faced a significant dip of over 2% during the 4th of July weekend.

Credit Suisse NFT Fundraiser 🇨🇭

With the Women's world cup looming around the corner, Credit Suisse ponders an NFT experience for their partners.

Partnering with the Swiss Football Association, Credit Suisse will issue NFTs on Ethereum to support the women’s team. The NFTs will initially be a collection of 756 NFTs that are tied to representations of the Swiss Women’s national team.

“ By implementing the project, Credit Suisse is setting another milestone in the development of the Swiss digital assets market “ — Credit Suisse

Funds from the collection will go towards the Swiss National Team with chosen youth focusing on girls' football. The collection will go on sale from July 11th to August 31st.

OpenSea Supports Zora’s Network 🌊

Despite the doom and gloom of the NFT market, innovations keep indicating the potential for success the industry has.

Last week Zora Network, built on the optimism scaling network, announced that there is now integrated support for their network on Opensea.

NFTs on Zora can now be bought, sold & traded on the largest NFT marketplace in the space!

The R Roundup Has A New Home🐝

If you missed last week's announcement, you will be unaware that after Issue #100, we are moving over to Beehiiv!

For the past 2 years writing on Medium has been a pleasure but it’s time to scale up our operations with new and innovative tools!

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