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4 min readDec 5, 2021


Bored Ape Yacht Club x Adidas

It doesn’t come with a surprise anymore to see mainstream media dive deep into the world of crypto as the current cultures of our wider society are heavily influenced within the core principles of NFTs and Metaverses.

Earlier this week, we have seen the highly successful sports brand Adidas announce their venture into the Metaverse.

Announcement Adidas x BAYC x GmoneyNFT x Punkscomic

Usually the trend on CT (Crypto twitter) is to announce a top signal at every mainstream involvement into the space however when put into perspective Adidas is one of the most successful companies in the world and you will struggle to find an individual who is unaware of what Adidas is.

Every week we seem to be talking about NFTs and Metaverses however it is almost impossible to ignore the disruption and speed of adoption they are a custom too.

$BTC Correction Sees Fear Levels Rise 🐻

Volatility is the unique characteristic of the crypto markets which brings the market to life and once again we have seen the extent to which crypto can rise but also correct.

With $BTC consolidating around 53–58k we have seen almost a 25% correction seeing 24-hour lows of $43k.


For those who may be new to crypto this may seem like a complete capitulation however when put into perspective, $BTC was around $28k 6 months ago.

Like any other market, the participants are human (hopefully) meaning emotion plays a big part in what is occurring in the market.

$BTC Fear & Greed Index, DEC 4, 2021

Evidently you can see there is a level of extreme fear which has begun to roll out in the crypto markets. This may not reflect a macro trend however it is important to put the current trends into perspective.

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“Sage’s Table” Hits 17th In Top UK Business Podcasts🍾

Recently, Crypto Sage & Russian DeFi recorded the first edition of Sage’s Table podcast which is an all round crypto podcast which provides an insight to crypto.

We are pleased to announce that the podcast is currently 17th in the UK for top business podcasts.

Sage’s Table EP 1 — Introduction to Russian DeFi

This is a major achievement and on behalf of everyone involved with the Russian Roundup, we would like to thank everyone who is listening and sharing the podcast.

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2.4 Billion USD Liquidated In 24 Hours 🚫


As usual, the crypto markets have reached a stage where it was over leveraged and evidently we have seen almost 2.4 billion USD liquidations in 24 hours.

As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice.

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