The R Roundup: ‘Ethereum London’ — Issue 1.

The highly anticipated Ethereum update “London hard fork” was successfully deployed on Thursday 5th August 2021.

On Thursday 5th August, the Ethereum network update ‘London Hardfork’ was successfully deployed which includes 5 key proposals form the EIP-1559 proposal. Ethereum 2.0 has come with high speculation and this is due to the involvement Ethereum has to the crypto markets as a whole.

Since the Hard fork update many people have been intrigued to see the rates which $ETH is being burned at. —

Here is a short thread which sums up the EIP-1559 update.

$ETH also saw a surge above $3,000 for the first time since the 19th of May 2021 which further coincides with the updates to the network heightening the talks of potentially Ethereum flipping Bitcoin.

Reports also state that the highly anticipated scaling solution to Ethereum “Arbitrum” is also set to launch in August.

Binance restricts derivatives product offerings in Hong Kong.

Recently, Binance announced from immediate effect “users from Hong Kong will not be able to open new derivatives products accounts. Also, with effect from a date to be announced in a later notice, users from Hong Kong will have a 90 days’ grace period to close their open positions. During the grace period, no new positions may be opened.”- Binance Team

Binance claims this action is due to keep them “in line with their commitment to compliance”.

The news around Binance continues as CEO Brian Brooks announces his departure and states his reasoning in the tweet below.


2021 which is regarded the year of the NFT’s has just began to hot up once again with the astronomical gains people are making of CryptoPunks.

NFT’s are a fun creative way for people to get involved with crypto and this has been shown with the number of mainstream media influences sharing and showing the world their “JPEGs”.

Many Punks are being sold for as high as 1,500 ETH (approximately 4.38 million at the time of sale) which highlights the major demand for Punks.

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