The R Roundup: OpenSea Marketplace Freezes $2.2 Million Worth Of Stolen NFTs. — Issue #19

OpenSea #1 NFT Marketplace

As we enter the new year, it is without a doubt that we will see more value flow into the NFT space with the speed of mainstream adoption and the social inclusivity driving this adoption.

However, with value comes opportunists as we recently saw a valuable NFT collection compromised worth up to $2.2 million USD.

Victim Of Stolen NFT Collection

Evidently after Toddkramer.eth made his plea, OpenSea froze those assets. He claims to have been on the receiving end of a phishing scam which allowed the hacker access to his wallet compromising the NFTs.


Efforts have been made to retrieve the following NFTs however with the ever growing scams targeting specific holders of desired NFT collections like BAYC, the need for diligence and cyber security grows.

Crypto Exchange ‘Coinone’ Disables Withdraws To Unverified External Wallets 🚩

Large South Korean crypto exchange Coinone recently made a groundbreaking announcement expressing to their users that from January 24th 2022, users will no longer be allowed to withdraw assets to non-kyc wallets.

KYC (Know-your-customer) is the act of verifying ones identity through the use of official documents. Decentralisation maxis have on many occasions expressed their opinions on KYC and effectively this decision from Coinone disables users from using wallets which do not require KYC such as metamask.

Coinone Exchange

Incase You Missed It: The Russian Roundup Forms A Strategic Partnership With Metaxy! 🕹

Metaxy X Russian Roundup

Metaxy is a decentralised NFT based fighting game, featuring the most diverse anime-inspired characters, that creates a Multiverse where players can summon their favourite superheroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and MXY tokens.

For more information regarding the details of the partnership make sure you check out our announcement article!

Korean Government Takes A Stand Against Play-To-Earn Games 🇰🇷🎮

Play to earn games is certainly one of the fastest growing industries within crypto and we have seen projects like Axie Infinity grow to exceptional heights.

However as usual, the war on regulation continues as the South Korean government takes measures to veto the release of play-to-earn games as-well as asking Google Play and Apple’s App Store to remove established games.

The block on games which require in-app purchases was initiated by the Game Management Committee in order to combat ‘speculative money-making schemes’

This is something to consider as the major link to adoption for play-to-earn games lies in the hands of giving users access to these games through established platforms like Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice.

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The R Roundup is a news platform inspired to deliver unbiased news and authentic education. From #DeFi to #NFTs; The R Roundup is built for the readers.

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The R Roundup

The R Roundup is a news platform inspired to deliver unbiased news and authentic education. From #DeFi to #NFTs; The R Roundup is built for the readers.