The R Roundup Presents: Bitcoin 101 For Dummies — #10

Bitcoin 101 For Dummies

When Was $BTC Founded?🗓

Historical context is vital as it explains the root growth of the crypto economy. Without a direct founder/source to verify the full historical details, we can only go off what’s widely reported: Bitcoin was introduced to the general public in 2009.

Who Is Behind Bitcoin?🤯

Without trying to satisfy conspiracists, the talking point 13 years later is still who is the single entity behind Bitcoin? How can someone create a multibillion-dollar sized currency in marketcap value, and not claim the achievement? These are all valid questions especially when we see how prominent other founders of other cryptocurrencies are when it comes to aligning their projects with the wants and needs of their users as well as achieving their goals.

Satoshi Nakamoto — Statue Hungary

What Was Bitcoin Intended To Be?🛠

The wording of this section may confuse some people as it may not be common knowledge that Bitcoin has gone through some realisations as it’s grown, making its true intention seem a bit more blurry behind all the news.

What Does The Future Hold For Bitcoin?🍊

2022 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone tied up in the world of risk assets and with fears of inflation growing and Bitcoin over 50% away from its previous ATH, many experienced investors let alone beginners may start to wonder what the future look like for Bitcoin.


How Can You Get Bitcoin?⛏vs💰

There are different methods to acquire bitcoin and the most common for a beginner would be to simply buy it.


Just for some additional reference, the other way people will explore to get bitcoin is through mining.


If there is one important thing, it’s understanding bitcoin and all its suggested “dark” secrets that are underlying causing an impact on the entire crypto market.

Bitcoin 101 For Dummies



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