The R Roundup Presents: Crypto Security & Staying Safe In Blockchain

Cyber Security Is More Important Than Ever

But Why Is Crypto Security Important?📉

Don’t be like dad.

What type of exploitations you can be aware of?⚠️

  • DISCORD FAKE MINT LINKS → This one that I have noticed gaining momentum as the world of NFT communities are built on discord which allows people to impose fake mint links targeted at compromising your wallet.
  • FAKE WEBSITES → Many different projects have websites and you can access their products, docs and many more important pieces of information however, sometimes people may create fake websites which are usually a duplication of the original site.
  • TWITTER LISTS → Recently while being on Twitter I have noticed fake scam accounts have been adding people to “$1000 giveaway” lists which essentially promote fake giveaways once again with malicious intent.
  • PHISHING EMAILS → This one isn’t something we should be oblivious to however in crypto, emails may be sent to you acting as support, exchanges and as we have seen this week even acting as OpenSea. Fake emails are difficult to spot however if you are in doubt, kick it out and IGNORE.

Warnings: Stay Diligent To Stay Safe ⛑

Conclusion 🧠

#RR TRIVIA: In the 2020 KuCoin hack how much did the stolen $$$ amount to?



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