The R Roundup Presents: Crypto-Twitter 101 For Dummies — #11

No doubt exploring all mediums of information can pose both benefits and difficulties navigating. Inevitably Twitter, a platform where people are encouraged to share their opinions, would prove to create a cesspool of information for any beginner to get their hands in.

It is advised for people to follow the pages that teach them the most information but without direction, it would be easy to fall into the hands of “moonboys” 👇

If you can refine the accurate areas of crypto Twitter, and find the right accounts to follow, you place yourself at an advantage over the rest of the market oblivious and not capitalising on the information at hand.

Without much delay, we present Crypto-Twitter 101 For Dummies.

Crypto-Twitter 101 For Dummies

What Is Crypto-Twitter?🤔

You are probably expecting to hear that there is some Web3 extension of Twitter however when people refer to Crypto-Twitter or CT, often they are referencing a side of Twitter where the majority discuss everything to do with crypto.

You can find access to Crypto-Twitter very simply by searching for accounts that share their thoughts and ideas on the market which can often make the process of researching much easier. Some people sharing their thoughts have been invested in crypto since the beginning and have witnessed every peak and trough known to the entire crypto-economy which can often give you an experienced perspective even if you are only starting now.

Like every medium of information, there are benefits and faults however positioning yourself with the right accounts for you is an understated aspect of maturing your presence in the space.

Why Is Crypto Twitter Important?🤲

Arguably, from both angles, there is a degree of importance regarding crypto-twitter as the negative side can teach you just as much as the positive side can.

The degree of information and the rate of production is immense on Twitter as there are hundreds of millions of tweets about crypto daily which are either beneficial or completely useless depending on how you view it.

In a market as fast as crypto, you need to learn what to avoid faster than you should learn what to invest in because the moment you are aware of what makes you lose money, what makes you gain becomes a lot more refined.

While you should always rely on direct sources of information, crypto Twitter can assist you in what we like to call “base information” that gives you a platform to launch and conduct your research.

What Can You Learn From Crypto Twitter?🐥

With the number of trolls that come with any platform, the hardest part is the process of identification. While there is a bunch of shitposting, there is also a large group of individuals that commit daily to tweeting content that can teach you a lot.

One part of Crypto Twitter that is such an important process of learning is utilising the threads people create speaking about their experiences or research that you just simply cannot get anywhere else.

🧵: Example

While some threads may be too long to read, dedicating time to unravel the information and once again using it as a platform to build off, would leave you surprised with the amount of free knowledge.

The best part about Crypto Twitter is that people are doing all of this for free. While you may feel like paying for information is a great shortcut, often it’s all in front of you for free, you just don’t value it.

Take It With A Pinch Of Salt🧂

Just like anything, there is a side to Crypto Twitter that would send you down the wrong path but that could be said with any medium of information. The focus on the negative sides of Crypto Twitter often comes out when the price is down.

In total conclusion, the bear market gets rid of all the noise and everyone starts to stop tweeting apart from people committed to the cause which as a beginner leaves the gems more evident for you.

Similarly to Moonboys 101 For Dummies, depending on where you place your fulcrum and how you want to benefit from even the bad sides of the market, you can also use CT to a much greater degree.

Accounts To Pay Attention Too🪴

Just a reminder, none of these accounts asked to feature however when I have come across their content there has been a degree of information that has significantly advanced my understanding of the space.

I think these accounts are a fraction of epitomising what it means to filter out the rubbish side of crypto-twitter and the side that is focused on building or extending the reputability of the industry.

There is a lot of knowledge you can gain from reading and keeping in touch with these accounts as they are committed regardless of the market conditions to continue doing what they do best.


Whilst many people undervalue the importance of Crypto Twitter it’s probably because they aren’t aware of how much it can impact and extend your knowledge bracket by just constantly absorbing the thoughts and opinions of experienced industry participants.

Imagine if you could listen to Warren Buffet’s tweets in real-time with his experience, whilst I’m not comparing these accounts to Warren Buffet, some have been in crypto since 2017 and earlier which gives them an extensive advantage that a beginner might just not have.

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As a reminder, this is not a trading signal or investment advice; it is an opinion, and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks of trading cryptocurrencies. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice, feel free to familiarise yourself with our NFA disclaimer.

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Crypto-Twitter 101 For Dummies



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