The R Roundup Presents: Exchanges 101 For Dummies — #8

Exchanges 101 For Dummies:

What Are Exchanges? 💱

As previously stated, exchanges are the gateway to access in crypto meaning that for you to get involved with cryptocurrencies, you need an exchange where you can “exchange” your fiat currency for crypto.

Crypto Exchanges

Why Are Exchanges Important?🤔

When you look at it from a birds-eye view, exchanges are essentially access to the markets and the one thing that is at the forefront of adoption is access.


How To Use Exchanges?🚧

Navigating around exchanges can be quite difficult for someone who has never seen how they look however once one understands one, they all pretty much look the same and do similar things.

How To Start On Binance

The Question Of Security On Exchanges ⚠️

Just like any side of crypto there has been major regulatory pressure for products to air on the side of compliance and this has led to vast expectations of KYC and even in some cases the halt of services in certain states.


It’s very important to get a familiarity with exchanges as utilising them effectively can put them in your favour.




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