The R Roundup Presents: Moonboys 101 For Dummies — #9

Moonboys 101 For Dummies

What Are Moonboys?🌙

In an emerging market with no regulators, it leads to people running quite wild without much consequence for their actions. There is a competition within the community aspect of crypto for who is right, who is wrong, and who to avoid which leads to a tribal feeling that in some cases marginalises investors into ‘key opinion leaders and the average investor.

How Do They Exist?🤕

Once again like any industry, there is always a group that can be identifiable by their persistence to constantly emerge as opportunists and in crypto, it's no different.

Is There A Moonboy Criteria?🧾

Identifying what you would need to do to be clarified as a Moonboy is just as hard as the attempt to set regulations on the market to ensure that crypto can still thrive.

How Do You Use Moonboys To Your Advantage?🍻

‘Urban Dictionary Definition’


Moonboys 101 For Dummies



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