The R Roundup Presents: STABLECOINS 101 FOR DUMMIES #5

Stablecoins 101 For Dummies

What Are Stablecoins? 🥴

Now it’s important to remember that in traditional markets like forex, you can have the assets you are trading be backed by many different currency pairs like USD/CAD EUR/JPY USD/CHF and you are trading those currencies against each other vice versa.

How Can I Use Stablecoins?✍️

There are many uses for stablecoins, but the main one which you might notice them used for is as a hedge against volatility due to the simple fact that they don’t move at price (as much).

Hourly Stablecoin Prices — $1.05 ATH — ATL $.95

Examples Of Stablecoins 👇

Here are some stablecoins which you might recognise that are “pegged” against the U.S Dollar.

Where Does The Problem Begin?😲

Looking at Coinbase’s description of the issuing of stablecoins…

Conclusion 🧠

An interesting conversation is one of the stablecoins as many misconceptions can be made about how they come into circulation, how they work and so forth.

Stablecoins 101 For Dummies

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