The R Roundup Presents: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 FOR DUMMIES — #7

Technical Analysis 101 For Dummies

What Is Technical Analysis? 📊

When people are first trying to get into investing, the first thing they envision is Instagram traders who post charts whilst they’re at the most exotic beaches but what is technical analysis?

Why Is Crypto Technical Analysis Different To TradFi Markets?🧐

There is a range of technical analysis strategies which are extremely transferrable but it’s important to remember traditional markets move very different from the crypto space.

But Why?
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What Are Indicators? 📉

The worst thing you can do while learning crypto is to think that indicators are 100% accurate and can never be wrong.

What Are Candlesticks?🕯

As I’ve previously reiterated, the trial that price leaves on the chart can be in the form of lines or candlesticks but, if you want my opinion…stick to candlesticks.

Basic Candlesticks

Where Can I Analyse Charts?👀

In my opinion, there is only one platform you should be using to analyse.


Myths About Technical Analysis 🎲

As this is just a beginner introduction to technical analysis I think it would be important to cover some myths so that you don’t get misled like I did when learning TA.

Conclusion 🧠

Inevitably no process will go well without using as many tools as possible in your arsenal.

Technical Analysis 101 For Dummies



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