The R Roundup: Twitter Joins NFT Frenzy — Issue #21

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4 min readJan 24, 2022
Twitter NFT Profile Pictures

As the social currencies of our society gets more digitised, the use case and the technology behind NFTs seems to tick more boxes for mainstream adoption than perhaps first intended.

This can be highlighted through the recent extension to Twitter allowing users to showcase their NFTs through connecting your wallet and verifying your address.


Twitter has a profound liking to crypto with ex CEO Jack Dorsey being vocal about his support for Bitcoin especially however taking that next step of integration can add social and economical benefits to the whole crypto space.

For more information on Twitter NFTs : On Receiving End Of Malicious Hack💰🚩

Despite 2022 looking like another year to drive crypto adoption, there are still a large number of opportunists ready to capitalise off any loop holes.

It was reported this week that the large crypto exchange had 483 accounts compromised leading to a total of $34 million in $BTC,$ETH & other crypto currencies.

CRYPTO.COM CEO Kris Marszalek added that they were up and running with 13–14 hours and that all accounts have been reimbursed ensuring customer funds were never at risk.

He went on to further add that they have been implementing “new layers of security” in prevention of this occurring again.

Welcome Back $30K Range Says ₿itcoin 🩸

24th January 2022

With the growth of crypto through 2020 & 2021 many have had an expectancy for the markets to follow suit however as we can see, this may not be the case.

With $BTC dropping just under 30% since the start of the calendar year, the rest of the market has also fallen as collateral. During these market conditions we tend to see a lot of “I told you so” sentiment however sometimes taking a step back can show you a clearer vision.

No one knows what will happen next but whatever it will surely be VERY interesting.

FTX Card Coming Soon?👀💳

Many readers who are invested into crypto will be aware of the difficulties of finding real world products which make the movement of crypto currencies to fiat smooth and cheap.

FTX who have gained a-lot of attention for their developments in the crypto space recently announced the launch of a crypto visa debit card which is linked to users FTX accounts.

FTX Card

FTX added that users can “ Spend your FTX crypto balances at millions of merchants worldwide. Zero fees.” Seeing exchanges invest in products which contribute to the positive experience of their users highlights the potential of the entirety of crypto currencies.


The Worlds Best Are Bored Apes?🐒


As we have previously reported, BAYC have taken the celebrity world by storm and the latest supporter has been world class footballer Neymar who joined the BAYC!

As a reminder this is not a trading signal, it is an opinion and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks attached with trading. At no point should this be regarded as financial advice.

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