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Over the past few months, the crypto space has been riddled with mainstream media adopting and exploring the expansive NFT world. Famous artists, sports personalities and even entrepreneurs have been exposing their NFT collections and a trend of making your NFT’s your twitter profile picture has emerged.

Recently, one of the biggest financial services in the world VISA announced that they have also joined the NFT craze by purchasing a “CryptoPunk”.

VISA made the following announcement:

NFT’s are inevitably the driving force of mass adoption within crypto and this is highlighted by NFT’s having value to one of the biggest financial services like VISA.

PayPal Enables Users In The UK To Buy, Sell & Hold Cryptocurrencies

Earlier last year, PayPal announced the ability for users in the US to buy, sell and hold crypto currencies on their platform. PayPal’s general blockchain manager admitted that the service was “doing very well in the US” which led to opening the service up for PayPal users in the UK.

Paypal believe that this service is about “making it easier for people to participate in the markets”. If you put it into perspective, PayPal has around 2.05 million daily users in the UK. Thats 2.05 million users who will be exposed to a service which openly supports the use of cryptocurrency’s on their platform.

More information can be found on the PayPal UK website;

CRYPTO.COM Exchange Partners With Italian Football League Serie A

The crypto exchange “CRYPTO.COM” recently announced an “innovation and technology” partnership with one of Europe’s top football leagues, Lega Serie A.

The partnership is set to include: in all match broadcasts, new awards and the release of unique NFT collectibles.

The Italian league has now got a reputation of being early adopters as they were the first to adopt VAR in 2017 and also we have seen teams like Roma form strategic partnerships with crypto currency project “DigitalBits”.

This can be an indication of more crypto partnerships throughout the sporting industry.

Cuban Government Looks To Recognise Bitcoin & Crypto Payments

As we have seen in the past, the trend of countries adopting Bitcoin was kick started by El Salvador 🇸🇻. This began with El Salvador on June 9th announced bitcoin being legal tender.

Recently, considering to follow in those steps, Cuba announced they will consider the recognition and regulation of crypto currency payments.

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